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March 08, 2022 3 min read

Purifas adds two new products to its range of hygiene solutions for therapy professionals that provide absolute pillow and patient protection.

Since bursting on to the scene in 2019 and soon after becoming a multi-award winner for its flagship product — the FaceShield — Purifas has remained steadfastly committed to providing a range of fit-for-purpose hygiene solutions for therapy professionals that offers unrivalled clinical protection and comfort.

Because our bodies carry and can transfer many different pathogens (both harmful and non-harmful), any shared surface or piece of equipment in a clinical environment becomes an infection risk.

According to the Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare, any piece of equipment that is shared among clients should be sanitised with a disinfecting agent and then covered with a single-use physical protection barrier between each client.

Airmid Healthgroup in Ireland, a leading biomedical contract research organisation specialising in aerobiology, carried out a pillow check-up where a large number of pillows across Ireland were tested at their laboratories to measure levels of mould, allergens and bacteria — 100% of pillows tested were contaminated with bacteria.

The results revealed that:

  • One third of pillows sampled had evidence of dust mite allergen.
  • All of the pillows were found to harbour bacteria — just under a third of which at high levels.
  • Half of the pillows contained detectable levels of mould.
  • A variety of mould and bacterial species were identified, including Candida, Aspergillus, Rhodoltorula and Streptococcus.

With this in mind, Purifas is excited to announce that its product range just got bigger with the addition of two new and innovative pillowcases — PillowGuard Recyclable and PillowGuard Reusable.

Acting as hygienic, physical barriers, the PillowGuard range has been specifically developed to:

  • make it easy for therapy professionals in the allied health, massage and beauty sectors to adhere to government guidelines and to ensure best hygiene practice is applied;
  • reduce the risk of infection associated with a shared therapy pillow; and
  • provide the same level comfort and breathability as a fabric pillowcase but at a much lower cost.

    PillowGuard Recyclable

    Our recyclable Purifas® PillowGuard is a single-use medical grade pillow protector that can be easily and efficiently replaced between clients.

    Saliva and water resistant, and with bacterial filtering properties, our PillowGuard Recyclable reduces the risk of infection that comes from using a shared pillow.

    Durable, soft and noiseless, our recyclable pillow protectors are stitched using thermal staking to ensure they remain 100% recyclable.

    With an additional internal flap, our recyclable PillowGuard fully encases and protects the pillow, preventing the pillow from yellowing and extending its lifespan.

    Our recyclable PillowGuards come packaged in a convenient, easy-to-dispense box of 25 and are available to order online for AU$28.60 (NZ$29.00). 

    PillowGuard Reusable

    Our reusable PillowGuard is a medical grade pillow protector manufactured from a combined fabric and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which means it can be easily and quickly cleaned and sanitised between clients by simply wiping with an antibacterial wipe.

    Bacteria, saliva and water resistant, our PillowGuard Reusable is also 100% machine washable.

    The zipped closure fully encases and protects the pillow, extending its lifespan and preventing it from turning yellow.

    This versatile pillowcase has not only been designed to withstand the day-to-day use in a clinic environment but with the same level of comfort and breathability as a fabric pillowcase it is also suitable for domestic use.

    Reusable PillowGuards come in packs of two and are now available to order online for AU$33.00 (NZ$33.60).

    For best hygiene practice and to fulfil a therapist’s duty of care, we strongly recommend that the PillowGuard Recyclable and PillowGuard Reusable are used simultaneously.

    Take a look at the evidence-based best practices steps for all therapy settings that have been developed by Purifas.

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