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Infections and infection control are major concerns in nursing homes.

An independent clinical trial found our BodyShield reduced bacterial transfer and the risk of infection by an astounding 94%!

So much so that aged care facilities have been slowly moving away from using shared, reusable items. Clinical research proves that reusable products can harbour harmful pathogens and microbes, despite being cleaned or laundered — a serious health risk for both patients and staff.

Instead, nursing homes are opting for single-use products, a move that has led to a steady decline in healthcare-associated infections.

While a large number of healthcare products have been replaced with their single-use equivalent, such as curtains, surgical gowns, wipes, paper towels, gloves and, in some hospitals, surgical items, such as catheters, drains, central lines needles and even blinds, one high-contact, reusable product remains in use — hospital bed linen.

We’d love to introduce you to our BodyShield!

Purifas has developed the world’s first single-use bed linen. Made from a high-quality fabric and applied via an innovative dispensing and fitting mechanism, the BodyShield has been clinically and scientifically proven to reduce the transmission of bacteria by more than 90%!

By switching to our BodyShield you will:

  • Improve your organisation’s hygiene practice
  • Combat the spread of infection and disease
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Reduce water usage and costs
  • Save on exorbitant laundering costs
  • Reduce clinical waste by adopting our full-circle recycling solution

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Saliva and water resistant, and with bacterial filtering properties, our PillowGuard Recyclable reduces the risk of infection from a shared pillow.