Leading Therapists Worldwide Are Using the Purifas FaceShield

An Introduction They Will Truly Value

Your therapist will get more than just a sample. They will also learn more about hygiene in healthcare settings and best practice guidelines, as well as all the scientific and clinical research that shows how the Purifas FaceShield:

  • reduces bacterial transmission by 86%
  • is easy to use
  • is 100% recyclable
  • provides 100% face and head surface coverage of any massage table
  • is preferred by over 90% of clients just like you!

During treatment you’ll find it super comfy, there will be no rustling and it won’t tear. And you won’t be left with any post-therapy wrinkles!

We’ll also make sure your therapist saves a sample FaceShield to use at your next treatment!

Introduce Your Therapist to the Purifas FaceShield!