The world’s leading therapists are using the Purifas® FaceShield™.

An introduction they will truly value

Your therapist will get more than a sample. They will also learn all about hygiene in healthcare settings, best practice and all the scientific and clinical research that shows how the Purifas® FaceShield™:

  • Reduces bacterial transmission by 86%
  • is easy to use
  • is 100% recyclable
  • provides 100% face and head surface coverage of any massage table
  • is preferred by over 90% of clients like you!

It’s super comfy during treatment. There’s no noise, no tearing during treatment and it leaves no marks on your face after treatment.

We’ll let them know to save a sample to use on you during your next treatment too!

Introduce your therapist to the new Purifas® FaceShield™ now!