The risk of infection during a face down treatment is real!

We randomly swabbed the internal aspect of the face hole of five therapy beds. The beds were from five different private clinics in Australia, and all swabs were sent to an independent lab for analysis.

Here’s what the lab found on the swabs:

What kind of hygiene covers were used on these beds?

Four out of five of these beds were using the current paper based head sheets you’ve probably seen a hundred times. They have an X cut in the middle or simply have a circle cut so your head can go through it. Neither of these fully cover the inner surface of that face hole, where a client may cough, spit or salivate during therapy. And if you’ve had any kind of therapy before – you know they can move and tear during treatment.

Your therapists’ duty of care to your health & hygiene

There are six essential steps your therapist should be taking to ensure your hygiene during treatment. This is what you should expect:

How to keep yourself and others safe?

It’s simple: Do better and demand better!